Daily Prayers & Intercessions

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Collect for the week:

Triune God,

Jesus prayed that we might be one:

help us to transcend our differences

and find our unity in Jesus Christ our Lord;

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever. AMEN.

Please be reminded to submit prayer requests on WhatsApp to 082 370 4702 0r 031 916 2777. Prayers will remain confidential (if you so wish) but it is critical that we pray into the lives of the people of God, which we can only do if we hear from you.  

Lord God, Your word assures us that you will lift up the lowly and the weak, and comfort the broken hearted, we are weary, Lord and disheartened by the pressures of the worldwide response to the COVID 19 pandemic, your people are hungry, your people are afraid and your people are frustrated; fill us with courage now that we who are filled with hope in your saving love can witness to the joy of knowing you and the peace that comes with living by faith.  Hear our prayer merciful Lord, and save your people. AMEN.

Prayer for those who are unable to receive routine health care due to hospitals being re-prioritized.

Prayer for Africa

God bless Africa

Protect our children

Transform our leaders,

Heal our Communities,

Restore our dignity and Grant us peace,

For Jesus Christ’s sake.


Praying for others to meet Christ

Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior and my friend, I thank you for the blessings that you have brought to my life, through my knowledge of you. I pray for ______ and _____ that they too will come to know you and accept you as their savior. Holy Spirit work in their lives and guide me to be a good witness to them. Draw them to you that they may walk in your ways. This I pray that Jesus Christ may be glorified in our lives.


Prayer for our Country

Almighty God, the Father of us all, we ask you to inspire the people of this land with the spirit of justice, truth and love, so that in  our dealing with one another, we may show that together we are on in you; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Intercessions: For our sick

Heavenly Father, during his life on earth, your Son, Jesus Christ, healed the sick and brought peace to those who were distressed and sorrowful. We comment to your loving care, all our brothers and sisters: grant them relief from pain and healing of body, mind and spirit; to those who are anxious about them, give your peace and comfort; and to those who tend them, give wisdom, skill and compassion; for the sake of Jesus Christ your Son, our Savior.


Intercessions: For Prolonged Illness

Lord God Almighty, your thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are your ways our ways. We stand in awe and humility before the mystery of suffering. Grant our brothers and sisters the faith and courage to accept their suffering in the spirit of Christ, and the grace to offer it in union with his passion to be used according to your eternal purposes. Fill them with your peace and support them with your love, that they may give glory to your Name; through Jesus Christ your Son our Savior.


Intercessions: For the Aged

Lord God the giver of eternal life, look with mercy on all whose increasing years bring loneliness, distress or weakness: give them understanding helpers and the willingness to accept help and as their strength diminishes, increase their faith and their assurance of you love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Parish Families

Almighty God, Father of everlasting mercy, we entrust all who are dear to us to your never failing care and love both for this life and for the life to come, knowing that you are doing for them things beyond all that we can ask or think; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Prayers for Thanksgiving

Almighty God and merciful Father, we give you hearty thanks for all your goodness and loving kindness to us and to all people. We bless you for our creation and preservation and for all the blessings of life; but above all for your love in redeeming the world by our Lord Jesus Christ; for the means of grace and for the hope of glory. Give us a due sense of your mercy, that our hearts may be thankful and that we may praise you, not only with our lips but in our lives, by giving up ourselves to your service and by walking before you in holiness and righteousness all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Special needs

Almighty God, Father of everlasting mercy we entrust all who are dear to us, to your never failing care and love both for this life and for the life to come, knowing that you are doing for them things beyond all that we can ask or think; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The bereaved

God, Father of all mercies and giver of all comfort, deal graciously with those who mourn, that casting all their care on you, they may the consolation of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Thanksgiving for the departed

Almighty God, you are the source of all good thought and deeds. We praise you for the life of these people, for their concern for others and for their many acts of kindness, and we comment them to your love and mercy; through Jesus Christ our Lord.