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From the Rector’s Desk – Thursday in Easter Week – 16 April 2020

Christ is Risen. Alleluia!

I love to hike! Walking is a wonderful experience and is good for one. Many people are missing their daily walks, and I wonder what emotion arose in you as you were reminded of what you are missing out on.

The thing about hiking is that you don’t climb Table Mountain every day, some days a stroll around your garden can be as meaningful as summiting the Drakensberg and seeing a butterfly in the garden can be as majestic as gazing upon the Mweni valley. Every time you walk, the entire experience of walking, albeit subconsciously, fills your mind and every experience of walking becomes this experience of walking. Life is drawn out of every corner of your being into the present moment and the fullness of experience becomes yours. When you have hiked any distance and your legs feel the pull in the tendons and you have seen beauty in nature, you feel like you belong there. It is not just a scene that inadvertently appeared in your view, you did something to position yourself to see it. Thereafter when you look upon a picture of a mountain, and you have stood at the foot of one and climbed to the top of one and seen it from both sides, you have a new appreciation for mountains and that appreciation impacts on your vision as you gaze at any mountain in any form in any place. Such is life.

As you experience “today,” look upon it as one who has journeyed and seen the beginning and the end of something. Someone who has faced a challenge in something, who has overcome something! Look on today from your entire experience of “being” and think of these times that you longed for the things that you have today. And appreciate them!

I am not speaking to the privileged few, who think they have no worries. I speak to you and appeal to your ability to dig deep within and find strength when you are tired. I have learned (hiking) that you can go on, when you think you can’t. I have learned (hiking) that when you thought the end was in sight and but there is still further to go, and you think your strength is gone, that once you get going again your strength returns. I have learned (hiking) that the loads we carry eventually serve us. I think of carrying that heavy pack and wondering what could possibly be so heavy, and then eating from its contents and being glad that I carried it, or putting on a jacket that at midday I wondered why I had thought it was necessary, and now wonder how I would have done without it.  

I use walking as an example, a representative of a physical revelation of a life lesson, you all have your own examples and now you must draw on them.

Use your life experience to equip you for today, use your victories to remind you how it feels to overcome, use your losses to remind you that in life we have good days and bad days, but our faith sees us through. Our willingness to keep going, to overcome to face the challenges, are God-given gifts! Every day of your life has prepared you for today. Live all of life, draw on the memories, dream the dreams, life is more than today, keep it in context.

If we live by the Spirit let us walk by the Spirit!  (Gal 5:25)

Be assured of my prayers!


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