Stations of the cross.

An online meditation.


Today we are going journey spiritually with Jesus. The Way of the Cross gives us a chance to reflect and to relive the last hours of the life of Jesus. Christ’s sacrifice is a challenge to sin, which began with Adam & Eve and that has carried right through to the present day.

The stations recall not only Christ’s death and resurrection, but also the challenges we each face in living out the baptized life that binds us intimately to both.

This time of Lent is also used to prepare people for Baptism and on Easter Sunday they will be welcomed as full members of our family.

These stations are each anchored in a quote from scripture. As we make this pilgrimage way of the cross you will proceed with Jesus from his baptism to his death, resurrection, and ascension. We will also journey spiritually to those times and places in your own life that echo the events and meaning of Christ’s way of life, death, and resurrection.

Each station begins with the invitational, we adore you, O Christ, and we bless you.

Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.

The plural pronoun is used here because following Christ and sharing in reconciling the world to God are commitments, we all undertake together as members of the Church united in baptism.

This is then balanced with the personal prayer that concludes each station, “Let me take up my cross and follow you, Lord Jesus, for by doing this we share in the liberation of the world.” This reminds us that while our baptismal mission is a corporate act, we each also have individual responsibilities in cooperating with God’s work of reconciling the world.

During each station there will be brief times of silence when we will be able to reflect silently.

This time will give us an opportunity to go deeper into the suffering of Christ so that we might come out of this spiritual journey with an appreciation of what Christ did for us, and a deeper love for him and for our brothers and sisters.

Opening Prayer

Living God,

we come with joy and awe to the Cross, met by your love, persistent and profound. We praise you for the mixture of joy and sorrow we feel on this day – joy for your love which gave your Son to the world. Sorrow for our sin which nailed him to the cross. We praise you for the sorrow because it makes us conscious of our need, we praise you for the joy because it keeps our hope alive. Let the joy and sorrow combine in our act of worship, so that we may go back into the world to diminish the sorrow, and increase the joy, not only for ourselves but for everyone: in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Helpful hint: Please take your time and enter of the stations at your own time and in any order you like. Spend as much time as you need. To go to one of the stations, you can click on the picture and this will take you to the page for that station, which will have a picture, prayers, and homilies/reflections on that station. When you are finished at a station, click the button to go to the next station or to go back to this main page.

Introduction video from our Rector Fr. Andrew Manning.

Opening Meditation from Marjorie Kelly

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