Sunday School

Trinity Sunday

The Bible teaches us that GOD is THREE  unique persons, yet he ONE GOD.

He is GOD the FATHER

GOD the SON (Jesus)


We call this the TRINITY, which means having three parts.

This is not easy to understand, even for adults.

Water is a good way to explain how something can be three different things , yet remain one thing.

Water can be liquid.

Water can be solid (ice).

Water can be a gas (vapour or steam).

The three forms of water remind us of God’s unique qualities,

ICE, the solid form of water reminds us of God the Father, who is our solid foundation.

The liquid form of water reminds us of God the Son. We use water to cleanse ourselves , the same way God the Son died on the cross to cleanse our sins

Lastly, Vapour the gas form of water reminds us of God the Holy Spirit. Gas cannot be seen you can only see its effects. In the same way the Holy Spirit cannot be seen , but the effects of his presence can be seen and felt in our lives as the Holy Spirit works to make his will known to us and to change us to become more like Jesus.

So the next time you drink a glass of water, eat an ice cube or feel steam, let it remind you that God is three persons in one.

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Thank you to Claire Hannington for today’s Sunday School lesson.

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