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19 February 2021 Build Me an Ark

Be Transformed by the renewal of your minds ( Rom 12:2)

Noah’s life must have been filled with much anxiety and trepidation. When told, the story often reflects the ridicule that he received from the people around him. Building an Ark requires us to “be transformed by the renewal of our minds” it requires us to “no longer conform to the pattern of this world” it requires us to accept that we need to show leadership in doing things differently.

Jesus’s teachings and the teachings of many disciples that follow call us to “ leave the ways of this world” and abandon the wisdom of this world and follow Christ.

Yet we have failed to do that! Our current challenge is that we have made Christianity synonymous with ‘Western Culture.’ A culture that venerates progress and financial wealth and individualism. A culture that itself has evolved into something that we can hardly be proud of. It is a consumerist, individualistic, wasteful and morally weak culture. And we have seen it at it’s worst during this last year, in corruption, the rise of fanaticism, extremism, denialism, and capitalism which seeks individual profit over compassion, and care for the earth and its inhabitants.

What are we to do about it? Some of our most basic Christian principles are the antidote for the worlds troubles.

Live Simply!

Don’t chase after financial wealth but live a quality life. Do not waste! Do not consume more than you can use. Reuse, repurpose and recycle.    Find ways to reduce water and electricity.

The “Build forward better #fast4earth” resource available on the Website and in the prayer diary is a wonderful way to use Lent to reorder your life and change your priorities.

Let us pray:

Give us strength oh Lord to turn away from the ways of this fallen world and seek your Kingdom. Give us strength to live out your Kingdom values and to build a better  future for all creation, as we were created to do. Amen.

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