Build me an Ark – 11 March 2021 – Faith in Action

Then the LORD said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and all your family, because I have found you righteous in this generation. ( Genesis 7:1)

St Paul teaches extensively about how righteousness comes by faith.

Hebrews tells us that Faith is being confident in that which we cannot see. But what exactly is faith. What is the difference in a righteousness that comes from faith and one that comes from the law, do the two complement each other, contradict each other? Take a moment to think about your own definitions. Jesus asked his disciples – “who do others say that I am?” and they had various answers, and then he said – “who do you say that I am?” We too, must look at what we believe from what we have been taught, what we think the right answers are and what we are actually, living out.

It is human nature to read a story and understand it, for the one we are reading about and even think that it all sounds like a good idea. But to internalise it and make it our own and actually imitate what the Bible character is doing in our own lives is a little harder.

Scripture implores us not to just be followers of Jesus but to be imitators, and that we must not just imitate the outward actions but our hearts must be transformed into the likeness of Christ. St James says do not just hear the word but do what it says!

Put into action what you have seen in the lives of the Saints who have gone before you.

Jesus is not just the founder of our faith he is the perfector of our faith. Therefore, faith means doing what Jesus is doing.

Challenge: what do you believe Christ is doing today? How are you participating with Christ in doing it?

Building on our faith means putting into practice what we believe – living a life consistent with Christ’s life. Who, did nothing other than what the Father told him.

Be intentional write a mission statement for your life and commit to being an ARK Builder, a disciple, a servant of God most high.

Be assured of my prayers as we recommit to the ministry of all believers.

Lord God you have given many gifts to the church. Help us to embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we may live to your praise and Glory.


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