Build me an Ark 16th March 2021

The word Dominion is probably the most misunderstood word in the Holy Scripture. The earth and animals and plants and eco systems have all been decimated across the planet, as humankind has dominated and subjugated and diminished the worth of every other creature and elevated humanity to the position of the centre f eth universe. Everything revolves around us, we are here to conquer and rule and use what ever we want however we want. We have an attitude that it belongs to us. Loo around and you will see that it is this self important superior attitude that has caused great harm in our world.

So, what did God mean when he made the covenant. Multiply and increase and number and take dominion over the earth.

 In the covenant God gave us a share in his authority over creation. God of course has dominion over all, he has authority and power, and we are meant to use our share for good. We are meant to use our authority and take responsibility and speak protect and care for and respect the world we live in. We are meant to be Godlike.

Jesus taught extensively about how the power we have been given must be used for the benefit of all.

As we take dominion/ responsibility/ authority,  let us reinterpret those word for ourselves. ( these are not definitions but merely ways to rethink the way we live on earth)

Do- minion- ”A minion is a follower or underling of a powerful person – we are to serve the all powerful God in humility.

Responsibility- “The Ability to respond means that we thoughtfully, prayerfully do what is right in the given situation because we seek the will of God and do what is pleasing to him. We have been given the ability to respond in love.

Authority – we are the author of our destiny, we have been given freedom to follow Christ and freedom to reject Him. God loves us and wants to draw us into his perfect will, but we have been given the ability to choose. As Moses said – “choose life!”

As you rethink your covenant relationship with God, what can you do to reinterpret your life so that you honour God and his creation and care for the life and all the good things in it, that God has given you.

Let us pray.

Teach us your ways oh Lord

that we might be responsible citizens of your Kingdom and that our lives may honour you

in the way that we live in and care for your creation.


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