Build me an Ark – Lent 2021 2 March – Seek the Lord

Yesterday we were reminded that our lives in Christ are a participation, discipleship is not a spectator sport, we are not fans of Jesus we are co-inheritors with Christ, and we are co-workers with Christ.

Adam and Eve and Noah were given the same command: And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:1) and “Then God said to Noah and his sons with him,  “Behold, I now establish My covenant with you and your descendants after you,  and with every living creature that was with you—the birds, the livestock, and every beast of the earth—every living thing that came out of the ark.“ (Gen 9:8-10)

Therefore, God’s requirement of us is that we be stewards (servants/ keepers/workers) in the world. Many of the parables speak of how God’s people had been poor stewards of His Vineyard, and we today of very guilty of not caring for the earth and taking the Covenant for ourselves and worse individually and a Covenant with all the creation.

Essentially ours is a call to worship – from the root “worth-ship” we must acknowledge that our purpose our meaning our worth is in Christ. as Jesus said -Luke 4:8 – “Worship the Lord and serve him only.

We are saved to serve the earth. To speak for the “voiceless,” to speak truth to power, to live out a Gospel of love to the whole world.

When Jesus says that we are to hate the world – he means the systems of this world, the ways of the world that are corrupt and self-centred and self-serving. We are to be ambassadors of reconciliation, breaking down the strongholds of the world’s ways and establishing the ways of the Kingdom. We do that through prayer, and prayer is recognising that God is present and at work in every situation, prayer is seeking the will, the spirit and the activity of God in our lives and acknowledging the supremacy of God in the world.  

Challenge – consciously seek the activity of God in every area of your day – ask yourself: “What is God doing in this situation, what is He revealing, what hurt, what brokenness what hope what joy what peace is God bringing to the world through what I am experiencing. “

When we begin to see what God is doing and start doing it with Him, the world will indeed become a different place for us.

Let us pray.

Lord God help us this day to see you in the every-day of our lives, to see you in others to see you in nature to see your healing and loving hand and your corrective and empowering hand.

Forgive us for having a wrong world view and empower us with a vision of your plan for our lives.


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