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Easter Sunday

This Sunday is Easter Sunday a day we gather together to celebrate that God raised Jesus from the dead.

The Bible tells us that it was early morning, on the first day of the week. A day full of hope and possibilities. 

The tomb that Jesus had been buried in belonged to Joseph of Arimathea and was situated in a garden close to Calvary.

On Good Friday the women had stayed near the cross all day until Jesus had died. Then Saturday the Jewish Sabbath they had still waited as they could not do anything on that day. But on Sunday the women in an amazing act of kindness and loyalty hurried towards the tomb carrying spices to embalm Jesus’ body.

When they arrived at the tomb they found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. Bravely they went into the tomb to perform their task, but the body was not there. the body was gone, they were filled with confusion and fear. And to add to their fear and confusion as they stood there puzzled wondering what to do. Two angels appeared, they gently scolded the women. The Angels ask, why are “you looking for the living among the dead .”

Then women began to remember what Jesus had told them, they were filled with wonder, and they rushed off eager to share the news of the empty tomb with the eleven disciples and their friends, for the truth of the resurrection was beginning to dawn on them (Luke 24: 10).

At first their news was met with disbelief by the disciples, who thought that the women were imagining things. But Peter and John went to the grave to see for themselves.

The men looked into the tomb, and saw that it was empty and that the linen wrappings, were lying untouched on the ground. John knew at once that what the women had said was true.

The two men went home but Mary Magdalene stood crying near the tomb. She was trying to understand what had happened. Then she saw a man who she thought was the gardener.

She said to him if you have taken my Lord away please tell me where to find him. She did not know that she was speaking to Jesus.

Then Jesus said, “Mary!” She knew at once who it was and she was overcome with Joy.

Jesus Christ has risen indeed.

Revd Peta May

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