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From the Rector’s Desk – 01.09.19

 The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. (Psalm 24:1)

Welcome to the Season of Creation. Over the next four weeks among other things we will be praying especially for a change of heart towards the way we live in the world. In our “consumer” based society, we have become out of sync with God’s creation and His will. We are not tending the earth the way we should, and we are disrespecting God with our attitude towards what He has created and the life He has given us.

Over the last two months I have conducted environmental training for the Vuleka Center Staff (Vuleka is the Diocesan Retreat Center at Botha’s Hill owned by the Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches. Our Diocesan Creation Care Network has adopted the Center as a project).

Two things that I covered there made a big impact on the staff and I share them with you, though we know this many people have not ever really thought about it. Earth is the only planet in the Solar System that has water, and this water has been here since the beginning of time and will be here till the end of time. It changes form but water is neither created not lost. The

volume of water on earth 10,000 years ago and 10,000 years in the future will be the same, but 100 years ago there was a lot more usable water than there is today. Most of the fresh water on earth is trapped in the icecaps, as they melt this water mainly flows into the sea and becomes saltwater. It’s the only water we have and its all the water we have, Contaminated water, is

either very expensive to treat and in some cases cannot be treated and therefore is no longer as useful or at all useful. Water is precious -let’s respect it, water makes life possible! No wonder Jesus said – “I am the Living water!” Water makes life possible.

We met to discuss Synod and we are grateful to Archdeacon Forbes Maupa for the wonderful presentation he did for us to prepare us for Synod. It is going to be a challenging Synod this year and I pray that you will earnestly pray for our Synod.

Lord God

You have given your Holy Spirit to the Church that He may lead us into all truth:

Bless with His grace and presence the members of the Diocesan Synod

Keep them steadfast in faith and united in love that they may advance your glory and the peace and unity of your church;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


As you know we continue to discuss our Diocesan Sustainability, keep these discussions in your prayers. I have begun a consultation process with the Parish Council as we look to our part in determining the future of the Diocese.

We have a number of events coming up – I remind you that these are fundraising events, but they are also outreach events which aim at bringing people from outside of the church to the church. We want to raise funds from people who are not members (otherwise we are simply circulating the same money) and we want to show them how wonderful life in the community of believers is. 

May our God in His infinite Wisdom guide you in all righteousness!

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