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From the Rector’s Desk – 1 April 2020

Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ.

The Lord be with you.

As I continue to pray for you, I am reminded of our need to “wait upon the Lord!”

There is wonderful rain falling, a reminder that we live under God’s blessing. We have so much to be joyful for, and so much to thank God for. We have easily set up a reality for ourselves that is built on our achievements and our fulfilling of our own freedom desires. This time of change of routine is an opportunity to reorder our thinking around what is important in life.

Staying motivated to do what still has to be done is a challenge, mind you. I encourage you to not be afraid of your current sense of apathy. The usual drivers of success and affirmation from others is lacking right now and it will take a bit of time for you to adjust to a new routine. Give yourself that time. You have it!

One thing that Social media does, and we are at a higher risk of doing that right now, is that we begin to think that it only counts of we “post it.” We can’t say it to someone in person so we must post it, and we must get a “like” and we must interact! I warn you against getting into that trap. To assist with this, I encourage you to have disconnected times. Turn off your connections, and just be. It is critical that we release ourselves from the stress of connectivity. The temptation to stay on top of the latest trends and conversations is not healthy and we need to proactively work against that.

Read a book, do a puzzle, brush the dog! Do some housework (imagine one of those emoji thingies here).

I remind you that as your priest I am here, if you are struggling; send me a text, an email, or phone me. I will respond. I am here to pray, to council, and to assist you.

Be assured of my prayers and again I say Rejoice, you have a lot to be grateful for!

Choose Faith not Fear


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