From The Rector's Desk

From The Rector’s Desk 12 February 2019

Grace and peace to you.

I must remind you that we have numerous events for you to choose from to strengthen you for your faith journey. Please read your bulletin carefully to see what suits you, we have tried to ensure that we have something for everyone.

God is faithful. In so many ways this week God has showed that we are not forgotten, and that He is with us. That is not to say that our challenges are diminished or the confrontation with the world is any less, but in the midst of it, I want to say: Jesus said – “there is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased the Father to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32 NJB).

And I believe Jesus!

Often we think that this means that we should never feel trepidation or anxiety as it is a sign of weak faith. This of course is not the case. When a soldier prepares for battle, when I stand on the cliff top ready to abseil, when I stand in the pulpit about to preach, when the phone rings… I feel anxious… but I am learning that anxiety is a signal to turn to God.

Your faith will not change the things that happen to you, in fact your righteousness is bound to bring persecution, but your faith will change the way you live. Be of good courage … in Matthew 14: 26 and 27 we find the disciples afraid, but it is Jesus arriving on the scene saying, “Courage! It is I. Do not be afraid” (NJB). Jesus is walking on your fear and He will bring you peace!

This is Good News. May our God fill you with courage. As St Paul reminds us- we shall have courage when we are relying on God’s armour. Truth, integrity, eagerness to spread the Gospel, and faith. Together with Salvation and the Word of God…(Ephesians 6: 13ff) This is what walking with Jesus is all about.

We won’t be popular, we won’t have easy success, but we will overcome and that will bring us joy, real joy. Let us continue to listen to God, to learn to recognize the sound of His voice so that we can follow Him.

Be assured of my prayers.


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