From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk 13 November 2020

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

It’s exam time and we fervently pray that all those writing will be able to have clarity of mind and focus to recall all that they have learned. May we all support them, and may we all be resilient as we journey through this together.

This week we will meet at the Church of the Good Shepherd, all are invited. We would love to see more of our youth there and begin to reconnect.

I am putting out the call now for people interested in joining the Lay Ministry Team for 2021. This team is involved with leading worship services, intercession, pastoral visiting, and teaching and preaching.

We are also looking for Sunday School Teachers so that when we go back to having classes in 2021, we are prepared.

A very big thank you to Kim, Vanda and Revd Peta who are working so hard for all of you, to build our lives together as a Parish.

I remind you that we meet daily for Morning and Evening Prayer on Zoom and the link is sent out to the St Francis Chapel group. Well done to Gloria and Patrick who are taking a leadership role there.

You are welcome to join any of those services. use this link:

We are all faced with major fatigue, as this has been a really hard year. Our faith has been tested, our patience is being tested, our confidence in who we are has been tested. We must resist the temptation to become despondent. As St Paul says, we are crushed but not given to despair (2 Cor 4). The only way to overcome is to be diligent in prayer. Using the Daily offices is a wonderful way to build relationship with God and I encourage you to read the daily readings and use the daily prayers, it will certainly draw you closer to your Saviour. The Daily Office is available on WhatsApp.

Let us hold unswervingly to our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, let us build each other up and comfort one another, for we do not live for ourselves alone. We are the family of God.

Choose faith not fear!

love and peace!


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