From The Rector's Desk

From The Rector’s Desk – 14 March 2020

As the world still continues to take drastic measures to curb the tide of Covid19 infections, I pray that we are still focusing on not being given to fear and taking the necessary precautions. Let us continue to be faithful in pray and stand in solidarity with the suffering.

I have often said how life is lived between the punctuation marks. Take the story of Joseph that we have been reading in our daily readings. We only pick out the highlights to read. We don’t dwell on the lonely nights in the prison, the days of anguish waiting for his father and Benjamin to respond to his invitation, the hours spent mulling over the dreams of childhood and the experiences he had with his brothers in the wilderness, where he was sold into slavery. But it is between the “events” that we truly live life. Life is lived in the waiting and wondering, it is there that we contemplate and worry about our lives and that is where our lives are lived and judged. The pressing nature of modern time where the clock marches on regardless of the season that you are going through, makes us stress and strain against and within the circumstances of our lives.

Is Sunday Morning a punctuation mark or a double space. Is it where you pause to realign, is it a moment to reconnect with your loving God?

This week we meet at a well and engage with Jesus, we as the thirsty and He as the giver of living water. I have produced a message for the Province for World Water Day (22 March) and it can be found on our Facebook page and Website, but in that I remind us that water is sacred. Life is sacred and we belong to God. My prayer for you is that, Jesus Christ, the living water will grant that the gift of His Spirit may be to us a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

Let s drink from the well of Christ and live in Him in His reality and in His truth. The truth that we are loved and are living under the shadow of His wing.

Easter is fast approaching, and we need to start planning the details. Please note that we have made the Passover Meal R30pp, because we ask people to donate towards the meal and therefore have kept the cost really low.  Please put your name on the board as soon as possible so that catering can be arranged. Please keep a close eye on the Pew Bulletin for the dates and times of events.

I encourage you to continue to wrestle through this Lent and deepen your relationship with God.

It is our human nature to avoid the intensity of relationship with God, we want God to quickly and painlessly deal with our lives and the reality is that wrestling, struggling, and suffering is a central part of the Easter Story.  We need to break through those barriers to intimacy and enter honestly into God’s presence and receive the fullness of His Love.

We have the cup to draw from the well – we have our own way to solve our problems with our own methods, but Christ calls us to put our faith in Him and not draw from the well of our own understanding but trust in His living water. God will get intimate with us when we welcome Him into our reality. Let us experience this truth, as the Samaritan women did.

Be assured of my prayers.


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