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From the Rector’s Desk – 15 September 2019

Socrates wrote, ‘the more I know the more I realize, I know nothing’ and Albert Einstein said ‘the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know.’ Both of them acknowledged what the modern era is unwilling to admit to, and that is that we don’t know it all. Ancient values and wisdom can teach us so much more than the age of reason and the enlightenment and postmodernism are willing to admit. It is true that we have more facts available at our fingertips than any age before us, it is true that we can virtually travel the world over and with goggle maps and the Discovery Channel, it’s amazing where we can go and what we can see. “Planet Earth” introduces us to a world of knowledge, like never before. And yet we would all have to admit that the pursuit of wisdom is severely lacking. We are able to find opinions on everything under the sun and we are able to use the scientific method to decide on which opinion suits us best, but deep down we know that wisdom is required. Deep down we know that data is insufficient for good decision making.

Now it is true that Christian wisdom has been ignored in favor of a historical approach to the life of a people from a foreign land in an ancient time and these historical facts have been compared to our lives and the Bible has been used as another source of opinion. An interpretation of life through an ancient culture. But I put to you today that the Bible is so much more. The Bible is a book of wisdom, a reference point for all that we know, see and think we understand. The more I study the Bible the more I realize that it is the wisdom that the bible teaches that is most needed in our world today. Now the wisdom of Scripture is not unique, many ancient cultures share values and principles that are found in scripture. Often we failed to realize that God is the God of all and His wisdom has always been available to all people. What is unique about the Christian faith revealed through the scriptures is the fact that God is on your side. All ancient beliefs share the idea that as mortals we must appease the gods. We must live in a way that will stop them from being angry with us. This is not the way of Christ. Christ came so that we would not live in terror of God, but in grateful awe of Him. Getting this balance right is not easy, but it is the true work of the church, to build relationship with a loving God.

My prayer for all people, is that we will all realize that we are God’s people and He loves us and He has plans for us and He has desires for us. We can choose to believe that or we can choose to ignore that.

The church is like a hospital, which includes a convalescent home. It’s a place where the broken can come and seek the love of God, and here we get “spiritual therapy,” and doses of hope, wisdom, guidance and love. The church is a place where we can interact with fellow seekers of truth, fellow pilgrims of faith. Drawing on the teachings of Jesus, the greatest purveyor of truth the world has ever known, here we reconnect with our Creator and realize that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, but that we are more than a collection of cells randomly assembled. We are created in the image of God and are filled with His breath of life and we get to live in and with and through our relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are the church, like adolescents we all seek to find our own identity and our own path, you don’t stop being family just because you are trying to work life out. On the contrary there is a God who loves us and just wants us to come home.  Being a Christian will not change the world around you; in the natural order of things there will always be evil and dangers in this world. But being a Christian can change the way that you live in the world. A relationship with Jesus Christ gives you purpose, gives you hope, gives you an eternal life. As with any relationship it is one in which you grow, you grow in wisdom and understanding. A relationship is not built on facts about each other, a relationship is built on shared experience, shared dreams, shared vision, a relationship is built on healing hurts and on forgiveness.

Today this relationship is available to you! Like after a first date, you think, “I need to know you more” and then you make a second date.  Jesus said “come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” All you have to say is yes, I want to walk with Jesus and discover what life is really all about.

And here we provide a space for you to explore that relationship!

You are welcome!

You are loved!
You are sought out by God to receive His Grace.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you learn to trust in Him


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