From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk – 17 October 2020

Grace and Peace from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.


The Diocese has decided that we have reached a point where we can responsibly manage the mitigation of COVID-19 Risk. At present the status in the country is that we are managing the pandemic and there is a very high recovery rate. Throughout the world, Churches have been a source of secondary outbreaks, but here we are managing the Level One well. Therefore, the

restrictions on attendance have been lifted as follows:

* Older people may attend services;

* Children and youth ministry may resume;

* Attendance is limited to 250 people but that is provided that social distancing is applied

   (Our Churches can only accommodate 45 each).

Provided that:

* Masks are worn;

* Sanitizing is done;

* a register is kept;

* hygiene standards strictly applied

* no corporate singing;

* one hour services;

* social distancing strictly applied.

This my dear friends will begin a process of increasing our capacity to host physical services.

At this stage, until further notice, we will still alternate between the Two Parishes on Sunday’s until we have over 45 Confirmed attendees. (18th at Good Shepherd 25th at St Mary’s)  

Be advised, that if you have comorbidities, we seriously advise you to be cautious, our online services will remain in place to provide you with a safe space to worship in.

A different kind of ministry is required at the physical services and we need parents to assist with children’s ministry if it is to resume. I need every parent to contact me and agree to be part of the Children’s ministry team. We will then train people and place them on a roster for

children’s ministry (note this is not to teach but to handle the logistics). We will only resume children’s ministry when we have commitment from the parents to assist the Sunday School Teachers.

A youth meeting will be called in due course to discuss the Youth Ministry with them.

All Saints Day: 1 November we will have a special Service to remember all who have died

during the pandemic, remembering that some people did not even have funerals for their loved ones.

May God bless you all abundantly.

Revd. Andrew.

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