From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk 19 January 2020

This week we celebrate our Teachers, and all involved with Education. The School term has begun and what lies before us is the challenge of raising a generation who will have the means to deal with the world of tomorrow. We have some exciting prospects, as Church to get involved in a hands-on way in the education of our community.

Firstly – we send a number of our parishioners into the centers of learning every day. I ask you to pray for them as they use their God given gifts to educate the children of our community. They have many, many challenges and we as Church need to seriously get behind and support them in prayer and in action.

Secondly- we are facilitating a process to develop a Full-Service School and will be workshopping this with all our teachers and offering a plan to a local school to make this transition. A Full-Service School seeks to meet the needs of children with learning barriers in the school as opposed to sending them off to special schools. The ideology behind this and the Aims and the Objectives of the Department of Education are noble, and we can make a valuable contribution to this education initiative. I will be calling a workshop for all interested and affected parties as soon as Vestries are concluded.

Thirdly – Early Childhood Development: We support a Creche in Kwamakhuta and aim to continue to make a meaningful and effective contribution at this center of learning. We are also involved with well over 20 Early Childhood Development Centres through our Implementing Partner – Kingsburgh Child and Family Welfare. In this program we offer staff development, monitoring and evaluation and reading programs to Early Childhood Development Centres in the greater Amanzimtoti Area.

We are also looking at presenting an Adult Education Program (with a strategic partner) which teaches life skills, social skills and the basics of economics and ethics. This program is for young people who are doing an employment initiative in the Umbumbulu area.

We are looking for volunteers to get involved in these projects.

To all our learners, may this year be a time of great growth in your intellectual and spiritual lives. Take every opportunity to grow in wisdom and knowledge and remember the importance of play.

Be assured of my love and Prayers


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