From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk – 19 October 2019

Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 

While studying Ephesians 6 this week, we were reminded that righteousness is our breastplate. It’s what protects us and what people see as our most prominent feature. We were also reminded that a breastplate only works when you are facing the situation head on! May we put on the armour of God and face life head on! God says, “be of good courage!”

My prayers for you is that your righteousness will surpass that of the Pharisees (Matt 5:20) and that you will walk in the knowledge of God’s protection and His will; having grasped how wide, and how long and how deep is the love of Christ (Eph 3:18). 

I have realized that we need to tighten up on our processes with a few things and be more diligent in our stewardship of the work that we have been called to. One area that we require an increased understanding is in our organizational and institutional cooperation. Spiritually we are a body that works together by the power of God’s design. Institutionally we need to provide the structure to coordinate the actions of that body so that they are cohesive and effective. As the Ministry grows so the need for better coordination and better processes also grows. I am therefore asking that we re-commit to the Church Council as our organizers and mechanism for accountability. 

We encourage people to get involved, but we all have to agree to follow due process and work in a cohesive fashion. To this end Parish Council will be implementing procedures for functions and fundraising. No fundraising or function may be arranged unless this procedure is followed as it is important to realize that everything that is done is done in the name of and behalf of the church and we need to show organizational accountability for what we do, and that we have multiple events being organized that need to take others into consideration. The procedures will assist with this.

I stress that this is not to limit what is done but in fact to facilitate more fundraising and events in the parish. I look forward to your cooperation. 

Our Monthly Bacon and Egg roll breakfasts are bringing in a good income and a very big thank you to those who are donating the ingredients to make this possible. Fellowship is such an important part of our lives together and we really appreciate those who donate time and cakes/bacon/egg/rolls and other items towards this.

Next month in each of the Parishes we will be having a Thanksgiving service to honour God for what He has done in our individual and corporate lives. At this service we will also be re-committing to our membership and our contributions to the Church Funds. We need to fund the ministry of the Church out of Member Contributions and therefore I ask you to prayerfully consider your contributions for the 2020 financial year and as per our Catechism – Consider the Claims of Tithing!

This Sunday is a celebration of our life as two independent but “in-communion” parishes and a celebration of the mutual support that we have for each other and how this has kept the two parishes alive.

May we continue to grow in love and obedience as is God’s will for us and may we find fulfillment in serving God in this place.

I end with a personal note as it is my birthday and the last time that I will be able to say “I’m in my forties!”

As I celebrate life and new life in Jesus Christ, I am grateful that I get to share life with each and every one of you. For those who I have had the honour of making a difference in your lives, I give thanks to God and for those that I have failed or disappointed I ask yours and God’s forgiveness. Our lives together are a gift from God, and we are most privileged to have a hope for the future but also a community for the present. Our lives together in Christ are most beneficial as we are a social creature designed to live in community with others. May our lives together edify the body of Christ, may our witness to the world be from an overflow of the gratitude that we have for what we have received.

A very big thank you to my family for the sacrifices that they make for this community. I am a very proud (in the correct way) husband and father and grateful to God for the family that He has blessed me with.

Be assured of my prayers.

Fr Andrew


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