From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk – 20 June 2020

Friday seems to come quickly and with each week the level of uncertainty and discord seems to increase. I am still amazed that there are people who believe that this is all a myth or not serious.

But through it all we turn our eyes heavenward and seek the kingdom. As I repeatedly say, Jesus Christ came into the world to change the way we live in the world. This week while the world imploded on itself in COVID 19 confusion, race rows and education uncertainty and back to church bungling through contradictory regulations, we have found the word of God consistently calling us to love. Love is God’s cure. Love is God’s command; love is God’s solution. God is love! And the love of God is the beginning of all wisdom.

I trust you have been engaging with our daily prayer focus and our Daily Offices. Remember they are available on our WhatsApp groups.

Again, I ask you to consider submitting testimonies and reflections on your journey through this time! Your story could lead to someone’s healing, please share.

As we approach the middle of winter, I am reminded that life has seasons and of how we need to live each season for what it is. We cannot spend the whole winter pinning for sunshine, because then we will spend the while summer pinning for snow. Live each day for what it is. Find the joy, do the task of giving of yourself to the work of today. And do not lose heart.

Be assured of my love and my prayers.

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