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From The Rector’s Desk – 20 March 2021

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

As we approach a full year of lockdown, I look back to what I was thinking and saying this time last year.

Opinions were varying as to how South Africa would be affected. It was on this day that St Mary’s and Good Shepherd closed their Church Services and put the staff on leave. On the 23rd the President announced the Lockdown.

Looking back, it has been a remarkable year. On this day last year, we could never have imagined the things that we have been through, endured, suffered. Our hearts go out to every family that lost loved ones, to every sufferer that has been treated like a statistic for the last year, and for every person whose recovery is slow and daunting.

Our hearts go out to those who lost jobs, and those who still cannot find work, and to those who are surrounded by cynicism and denial.

We the church of God, are not above this and we are not indifferent to the plight of the world. However, we are a people of hope and of purpose and our purpose is to bring hope to a broken world. When I see what the 12 Parishes of our Archdeaconry are doing for Easter, I am encouraged. When I see how hard the clergy and leadership are working to make services happen and to keep communities held together, I am encouraged.

As we enter the last week of our Lenten Journey may we consolidate our experience and grow through it, may we delight in the victory that the passion of our Saviour won for us, and may we walk in the way of the cross.

God grant you the courage to complete your Lenten journey in the discipline of Christ.

Love and Peace –

Fr Andrew.

Choose faith not fear.

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