From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk – 3 May 2020

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

As we enter a new month, and a new phase of life in level 4, again we are having to react to change. At the Church Office it has been an exhausting week trying to adjust to everything that needs to be done differently. As someone said, this is like trying to build an airplane and fly it at the same time.

We have paid all our staff this April and commit to continue to do so. We have an Administrator, two Cleaners and a Gardener/Handyman. We have also paid the stipends of the S’Nothando Creche which we support, knowing that these families are supported only by what we provide them with.

We have assisted with the Ward 97 COVID 19 Response team that has so far distributed over R40,000 worth of food and vouchers and we have more food parcels and vouchers going out through the Kingsburgh Family Welfare. This exceptionally complex task of providing food support is taking shape. We will also distribute 6 Food Parcels to Parishioners in the coming week.

The Hope Food Vouchers Scheme is still my method of choice, but we had logistical issues when we tried to use it.  Will continue to investigate this in the week to come.

Digital CHURCH:

We have been working hard to ensure that the functions of Church still take place. We have increased the Corporate prayer life dramatically through the introduction of Morning and Evening Prayers which we do on Zoom. You do not need to download anything on your phone or computer to join in. Simply click on the WhatsApp link and it will take you into the meeting.

We are keeping everyone informed through regular notices via email and WhatsApp and we encourage you to join our “St Francis Chapel ” which is our Phygital (Physical and Digital) parish. A revised ministry plan aims to ensure that we are a fully functional church and able to Worship, Fellowship, and pray together while adhering to all Social Distancing considerations. This is the new normal for at least the next 18 months. 

The Media Team has decided to combine the two Parish websites into one. As we move to being a Phytigal (Physical and Digital) Church, our online ministry will be combined into one space “St Francis Chapel”. This will decrease the duplication of information and focuses our attention on providing a better online experience for the combined parishes.

The link below, will be the St Francis Chapel for the new combined Parish Website.  both the Parishes of St Mary’s and Good Shepherd will be combined here.

The two parishes will still be Administered separately but will be ministered to together under this new banner.

At present we remain having two separate Facebook pages. Please “like” and “Share” the churches posts.

We are so grateful to those of you who have continued to give faithfully. These are trying times economically and we are under financial pressure. If you are not on our DG system please consider joining it, every contribution helps. For those who have envelopes of money sitting waiting for that Sunday, please consider doing an EFT. We are looking at a payment system that could collect offerings.

We are all missing the music. It is a central part of our worship. Gospel music is readily available on radio and other platforms, I encourage you to listen and sing along and worship God.

Thank you to those people who have already contributed to the COVID-19 Testimonies, I eagerly await further inputs.

Be assured of my prayers!


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