From The Rector's Desk

From The Rector’s Desk

The Lord be with you!

It is indeed a wonderful privilege to be able to welcome Bishop Tsietsi Seleone and his wife Rachel, to our parishes. We thank them for their time here with us.

I have had the joy of journeying with our group of confirmands over the last year and it is wonderful to be able to present them for confirmation. My prayer is that they will continue to seek God with all their heart, soul and strength every day and all of their lives.

On Thursday, as we commemorated the martyrs and confessors of our time, we were reminded of how God calls every generation to stand firm in faith. We don’t know how history will remember us, but we do know that God has placed us here to do battle with the evil of our time and to keep the faith in this world of competing claims of truth.

As we stand as a Church and confess our Faith in God the Creator, Jesus our redeemer and the Holy Spirit, the power of God lives in us and gives us life; we all recommit ourselves to the ministry of reconciliation.

Faithfulness to God is our primary calling, because a desire to be faithful leads us to a desire to deepen our understanding of God and ourselves and our relationship. To strive to be faithful means to seek to do God’s will in every aspect of our lives. A desire to be faithful leads us to trust God, and to seek His blessing over our lives. Faithfulness must be lived in love. That’s the difference between works and grace. If we accept God’s grace, then we accept love.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters in Christ, let us love one another, as Christ loves us and live in faith, the assurance of things not yet seen.

Be confident in your walk with God, and live for the kingdom, for this is your true vocation. All other things must serve this one goal, to be faithful to God.

Be assured of my love and prayers.


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