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From the Rector’s Desk – 7 April 2020

Holy Tuesday  (April 7 2020)

Grace and peace from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

As I write to you this morning, I share a few concerns that we need to fervently pray about and where possible take action.

I am concerned about fatigue. In crisis sleep is not an easy thing and our routines have been disrupted and our rhythms of life altered.

I encourage you to ensure that you get some rest. I mean real rest. Often when we are not busy as we usually are, we avoid resting because we think that not being at the office is restful. Insufficient sleep leads to poor health. Make sure that you turn off your phones and other devices TV’s included for at least an hour or two per day. The constant stimulation, though you think you need it, is not good for you. In our prayer time, our leadership has identified this as a major issue. We are all in isolation but are lacking the solitude that we so badly need. Go into your room, close the door and pray to your father in heaven (Matthew 6: 6). But please don’t stay there all day. Interact with others. If you are alone, phone someone and have a conversation, broaden your world view, Facebook/Instagram and the Television are not the only mechanisms for interaction.

If you are in a family setting, play board games or read a book together and talk to each other. This is a great opportunity, do not withdraw into yourselves and shut the world out. That is not the purpose of any kind of isolation. 

Secondly, get some exercise. There are many stretches that you can do even if going for a walk or a jog is not possible, these stretches will assist you in staying healthy. I’m putting this challenge out to the youth to submit short videos of exercise “on the spot” without a treadmill. Remember to do gentle exercise we don’t want any injuries.

Thirdly, make sure you are eating well. When fast food is not an option and you are fatigued and not exercising and stressed and out of your normal routine, (and the thought of having to wash the dishes) it is easy to fall into bad eating patterns. 

Please look after yourselves, physically and spiritually and emotionally. 

IN the Gospel account for today (John 12:20-36) we have those profound words of Jesus about a seed falling to the ground and dying, in order for a harvest to be reaped. And how we must follow Jesus example and live not for this world but for the Kingdom. Never have you been given an opportunity to live “not of this world” as you have now. If you want to be saved from “this hour” you too must realise that you have come for this very hour. God’s purpose for you is in this day, God wants you to serve Him – this day – you can change the course of history as you participate in prayer  – this day. I remind you that the things that you call normal have not always been normal. The things that you think are necessary have not always been part of the human experience. Live today for what today is worth, for what today is given to you. Do not live today as if it is a pause in your life. Today is for living! Eat, pray, play, rest, be grateful, interact, seek to understand yourself and your God a little better. Today is a gift from God, do what is yours to do.

Be assured of My Prayers!


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