From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk – 7 March 2020

The Lord be with you!

My prayer for you above all is that, you will find peace in the fact that “God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

I have had few weeks that have been so demanding on my limited capacity to focus on mind on all that needs to be considered. It’s easy to do things and be involved in solutions, but this week has been all about listening and holding them in tension and waiting. All challenging things and time seems to be flying by at far too rapid a rate and we easily get impatient.

Here in the Parish I am very excited about the enthusiasm of our Parish Council to take to heart the work and mission of the Church and to work hard at setting in motion our Ministry Implementation Plan.

I am extremely grateful to God for the blessing of having some assistance in the Parish, in the form of Bishop Monument. I say this openly where he too will read it, it is a strange sensation to have a Bishop assisting me, but what a blessing to have his wisdom, friendship and participation in ministry in our Parish. God has His ways, and for the next four months we will be blessed by his Ministry among us. This has enabled us to do two things.

One, Revd Peta who is not well is on light duty and will be able to take some time and return to full duty as her health improves.

Secondly, I will be able to focus on a few things in the life of the parish that need attention, but I have not had the opportunity to address. The Sunday School Ministry will be getting a bit more attention from me and as we put together an improved support program for the very few, very overworked Sunday School teachers, I trust that we will be able to strengthen ministry to our children. I will be able to work with the Lay Preachers a bit too to strengthen their ministry.

As I write this, the women of the world are gathered in prayer here at St Mary’s. I ask us all to sincerely take to heart this work in holding the plight of the world before our God. I encourage you to join us in the wonderful prayer course that we are doing. Wednesday at 9am at COGS or 6pm at St Mary’s. We will be doing it on Sunday’s with the youth at the Good Shepherd as well, so if you are feeling youthful join in then. 

I will only say one thing about Covid 19: do not panic and do not get sucked into the hysteria. Keep a clear mind and hold onto your faith in God.

May our God bless us all abundantly as we journey through lent.

Be assured of my prayers.


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