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From the Rector’s Desk – 9 October 2020

Peace and Grace to you!

“We cannot live a spiritual life alone. The life of the Spirit is like a seed that needs fertile ground to grow. This fertile ground includes not only a good inner disposition, but also a supportive social environment” (Herni J.M Nouwen)

Parish life aims at providing that supportive environment. A place where prayer and faith and trust in God can be easily discussed and shared. During this time of physical separation, it is that unity of desire to worship God and to seek Him that has held us together as a community.

Therefore, we continue to find ways to hold the community together. Opening up for physical gatherings is an opportunity to reach out to those who have been unable to join in on the digital platform, and while we are still in a position that requires online ministry to be the main focus of ministry, we need to begin to develop a physical interaction that can meet the needs of our whole community. In terms of physical gatherings, we are still erring on the side of caution, and ask everyone to consider their risk profile before engaging in any physical gatherings.

As we prepare to worship at St Mary’s Kingsburgh this Sunday (11 October 2020) I remind you that all are welcome but we are limited to 40 people and so it is essential that you notify us of your intention to attend. Until the numbers require, we will alternate between the two parishes which reduces the infection risk as there is a fourteen-day gap between habitation.  We are also looking at Midweek services and will probably reconvene in November with those. (remembering that we have an online midweek Eucharist at 08h00 on Wednesday’s already).

A combined Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday to respond to some new guidelines that we have been given by the Diocese.

The nominations for the Elective Assembly must be submitted by month end and so I am busy with that process. I have met with a candidate and am trusting God to guide us in this process. We cannot expect God to answer our prayer to send us a faithful pastor, if we have not done the work of nominating someone, so I believe that the person, who will be formally announced when the process allows, is a good candidate and should be presented for discernment. I ask you to pray for all the candidates and their families.

It has been a week of tragedy for the Community of the Good Shepherd as two members passed away. We pray for the soul of Brenda Mulligan and we pray for Nosipho, Yoli and Esethu on the passing of Biko (who will be buried on Saturday 10th). I stress the importance of having your details of next of kin on file at our office, and the funeral planner on file. I will announce details of Brenda’s memorial service, as soon planning is completed. Please pray for the families in their time of mourning.

We pray for all our students writing exams. “Lord God your son Jesus the Christ sat among the learned, listening and asking them questions. Bless all who teach and all who learn that even in these uncertain and challenging times they will achieve good academic results that will empower them for the future. In the Name of the One who is our wisdom and strength, Amen.”

May the God of Infinite wisdom continue to be your guide and your salvation!


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