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I am sending you – Mark 6:7-13

Mark 6:7-13

7Then Jesus called the Twelve to Him and began to send them out two by two, giving them authority over unclean spirits. 8He instructed them to take nothing but a staff for the journey—no bread, no bag, no money in their belts— 9and to wear sandals, but not a second tunic.

10And He told them, “When you enter a house, stay there until you leave that area. 11If anyone will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that place, as a testimony against them.”

12So they set out and preached that the people should repent. 13They also drove out many demons and healed many of the sick, anointing them with oil.

In this wonderful piece of scripture, we have the Disciples being sent to do the work that Christ had come to do. There are some interesting principles in what Jesus commands them to do. One, they are to go two by two.  God created us to work in a community, there is no one-man show in God’s kingdom. The challenge I have for you today is who is your number two, who are you number two to? In life, we have these partnerships as a blessing from God. Spouse, business partner, colleague, friend, these are all significant Disciples that you are sent with. Always submit yourself to someone to be discipled and always be willing to disciple someone else. Who are you sharing your life with, your spiritual journey with? Jesus does not send us out alone but in two’s

Secondly, Jesus says – go out in faith, but also go vulnerable. Witness is not done from a position of self-sufficiency. You don’t go as one who has it all and has no need of your fellow man. We cannot witness from a position of superiority. Jesus sends his disciples as guests to the world, as ones who need to interact and share with others not only for the “others” well being but also for theirs. A Disciple goes in humility, recognising their need and dependency on those to whom they witness to.

Thirdly, They are to be guests in the homes of those that they minister to, accepting their hospitality and remaining committed to them. Lastly, Jesus warns them that not everyone will accept their message and that like Ezekiel they are to preach and leave the results to God. If they are rejected then they are to leave, reminding the people that if they fail to hear the truth and respond it is their responsibility. That’s a tough one, but Jesus’ point is, just because you are speaking Good News – doesn’t mean that everyone is going to want to hear it. In Jesus’s own ministry many rejected him and the same would happen to the disciples and to us.

Lastly, the Disciples preached repentance and it brought healing. God’s word will not return void to him and as long as we are disciplined and devoted to doing what we are sent to do, God will use our efforts for His glory and the salvation of the world.

Pray for the one that you are number two to! Pray for the one that you are seeking to take with you on your journey in Christ, preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God. Amen.

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