Sunday School

Jesus Heals and Prays

Mark 1: 29-39

Our story today is about the healing of Peter’s Mother.

After Jesus and his Disciples had attended the synagogue they walked back to Peter’s house for a meal.

When they arrived at Peter’s home his wife meet them at the door and told them that her Mother was very ill with a high fever and could not stand up. Jesus asked Peter’s wife if he could see her Mother. When Jesus saw her he knelt down at her bedside. He took her hand and spoke to her, then Jesus prayed to God to heal the women.

A wonderful thing happened the woman’s headache and fever went away immediately and she was able to get up. She was so overjoyed that she had been healed that she hurried to the kitchen to prepare a meal for Jesus and his disciples. She wanted to serve the Lord in thanks giving for her healing.

Word of Peter’s Mothers healing soon became known and by evening a large number of people began to arrive at Peter’s Mothers house. They brought with them many people who were in need of healing. Jesus healed the people with many kind of sicknesses and problems. He prayed for the people until late into the night.

Very early the next morning, while it was still dark, Jesus woke up and left the house, because he needed to go to a quiet place to pray to God. When it was light Peter and the disciples went looking for Jesus.

Jesus said to his disciples that it was time to leave Peter’s house and to go to other villages, so that Jesus could heal people and teach them about God. So they travelled all over Galilee, and Jesus preached in synagogues and healed many people.

At this time of the COVID 19 pandemic healing pray has become very important part of our daily lives. Each day we bring before God family and friends who have been affected by this deadly virus, who are in need of healing. We must remember to pray through Jesus Christ our Lord, to God the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit. We cannot heal under our own strength. It is God who heals. We must also follow Jesus’ example to set aside time to pray quietly on our own for God’s healing love.

(This lesson comes from the Phyllis Croft Sunday School teachings)

Thank you to Revd Peta for this week’s Sunday School lesson.

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