Sunday School

Lock-down Sunday School

This Sunday we are going to try something new, we are going to do Sunday School at home with our families.

God is not waiting for us at our Church building.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God is with each one of us, in our homes.

I thought we could begin our Lock-down Sunday school with the Old Testament Story of Noah.

In a way, Noah’s circumstances were very similar to ours. God told Noah to build an ark and take his family to live in the ark so that they would all be safe from the great flood.

We have all been told to stay in our homes with our families, so that we will be safe from the COVID19 virus. Our homes have become our modern day arks. God will keep us safe in our homes and when the time is right, and the virus has passed, we will be able to return to the lives we were familiar with.

But if we are wise, this time our Lock-down will have taught us something new. A lesson we won’t forget. That all the money in the world can’t buy love or good health. At this time we can be truly grateful to live in a family unit, where we are loved and cared for.

The Lockdown will have taught us how important God is and how important the teachings of the Scriptures are in our lives. It is through prayer and our faith in God and His son Jesus Christ that we will be able to overcome this pandemic.

The story of Noah
Genesis 6 – 9

As time passed, God looked at His people and saw that they were becoming more and more wicked. He began to feel sad that He had created people at all. So, God decided to send a great flood to cleanse the earth of all its wickedness.

God only knew of one good man amongst all His people, his name was Noah. Noah and family loved and obeyed God. God promised Noah that He would keep Noah and his family safe during the flood.

So before the rains started, Noah began to work really hard to build a great ark, that would float above the flood waters. A boat big enough for his whole family, his wife and three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth to live in.

Then Noah did as God had instructed him to do, he gathered together a male and female of every kind of animal and took them into the Ark. As soon as his family were safely inside the Ark, the Lord shut the door behind Noah. (Gen 7v 19)

The flood lasted for forty days and eventually the rain stopped, and the boat came to rest on top of a mountain. When the water began to go down, Noah opened a window and sent out a raven. But this bird did not return. Then Noah sent out a dove to see if the waters had gone down. But the bird flew back to the ark because it could not find anywhere to land. After waiting a few more days Noah sent out the dove again and it returned with a fresh olive leaf in its beak.

Noah waited a few more days and then he opened the covering of the ark looked around and was overjoyed to see that the earth was drying out. God said to Noah “Go out of the boat with your wife, your sons and their wives”, so Noah obeyed God and took his family out of the ark. All the animals and birds went out of the boat in groups of their own kind. Gen. 8:19.

Noah was so happy that God had kept him and his family safe that he made a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. God promised Noah that never again would God punish the earth and its people. God blessed Noah and his family and promised Noah that He would make a covenant with Noah and the sign of this covenant would be a rainbow in the sky.

This Weeks Challenge

Each week we are going to do a craft and play some word games that will help us to understand the story we have read.

This week I challenge you to build an Ark using a tissue box or a shoe box or any other suitable material you can find in your homes. Please take a picture of the arks you make and put the pictures on WhatsApp.

You can download the entire document in the link below.

Thank you to Revd Peta May for putting this together for Sunday School.

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