Sunday School


Exodus 1:1

The new Pharaoh became very alarmed when he saw how the numbers of Israelites had increased. He realized that if the Israelites joined forces with his enemies that he could be easily overthrown.

So he devised a plan to stop the Israelites numbers increasing. He made their lives really miserable. He put slave drivers in charge of them to try and break their spirit. But the Israelites continued to grow in number.

When this plan did not work he told the Hebrew midwives to kill every baby boy that was born but to let the baby girls live. The Hebrew mid wives feared God more than they feared the pharaoh and they just could not bring themselves to kill the babies.

The Pharaoh became so angry that the Hebrew midwives would not listen to him that he ordered that every new born babies to be thrown into the Nile River.

One of the Israelite women gave birth to a baby son and when she saw how beautiful he was she could not bring herself to obey Pharaoh. So she devised a plan to keep him safe. She wove a basket out of reads and painted it with tar so it would float. she placed the baby amongst the reeds on the edge of the river and sent the babies sister to look over him.

During the morning the Pharaoh’s daughter came down to the river to swim. She heard a baby crying and found the basket amongst the reeds. When she saw the baby she realized that it was one of the Hebrew babies and she decided to rescue him.

The Pharaoh’s daughter had a kind heart and when she saw the babies sister standing nearby she told the girl to find someone to care for the baby until it was old enough o come and live with her in the Pharaoh’s palace.

The baby went to live with Pharaoh’s daughter who adopted him and looked after him as if he was her own son. She decided to call him Moses because she said that she had, “taken him out of the water”.

God has a plan for all our lives, God is always watching over us. Over the next few weeks, we are going to see how God raised Moses up to lead his people.

Thank you Revd Peta May for today’s Sunday School Lesson.

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