Council will meet on Tuesday, 23 March at 18h30 at St Mary’s.

We will be doing away with the Business WhatsApp number and will exclusively use the office number 071 258 0366 for all calls/sms/WhatsApps. This change will not effect the WhatsApp groups already in place.

Alpha:  “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life”

The Alpha Course will be running from 7 April to 9 June, every Wednesday night at 6:30pm on Zoom. There will be a weekend meet up on 22-23 May.

In person sessions can be organized if enough people sign up.

Please contact Vanda on 082 651 7339 or the office on 071 258 0366 to book a seat, please indicate if you would like to attend the in person sessions or will be attending on Zoom.  The course is free.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Blanket Drive, we really appreciate the donations. We are asking kindly for more baby blankets, so that we can make a donation to the Pregnancy Crisis Centre.
Drop off zone is at St Mary’s Anglican Church, 157 Kingsway, Warner Beach.
For more info contact Vanda on 082 651 7339 or our office on 071 258 0366

SERVICES: Sunday services at St Mary’s at 09h00.

Wednesdays during Lent—physical services at 09h00 at Good Shepherd.

Strict COVID protocols will be in place—ALL services still available on ZOOM/ WA

Thank you to all those who continue to sow into the finances of the Parish. 

Without your generosity, the church is unable to minister to God’s people.  Your DG’s is used to pay the monthly accounts (utilities/ security / insurances etc), staff salaries and the Assessment  to the Diocese (which pays towards Fr. Andrew’s stipend– please note that we are behind in paying this obligation), funds from DG’s is also used to feed those in need in our Community.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Sunday school have loaded some lessons and fun activities for the children to do – please visit the website  Parents are encouraged to post their children’s art work onto the Facebook page  so that all the Parish can see it!  Also, please keep your art work for when the Sunday school resumes.

We have merged our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages and have created a new website -Take a look:

Instagram: @stfrancistoti
Twitter: / @StFrancisToti
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
New website address: