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Pharaoh tells Joseph his dream

Genesis 41.

As soon as the butler was released from prison, he was so happy to be home that he forgot all about Joseph.

Two years later Pharaoh had two strange dreams and he was puzzled and frightened by them. He dreamt that he was standing by the river and he saw seven well fed cows being eaten by seven thin cows. Then he dreamt again that seven ears of ripe corn were swallowed by seven ears of dried up corn.

Pharaoh told all his wise men at court what he had dreamt but no one could explain the dream to him. Then the butler remembered Joseph who he had met in prison and he told Pharaoh that Joseph could interpret dreams.

God showed Joseph the meaning of the two dreams. The two dreams meant the same thing and Joseph explained the dreams to Pharaoh. There will be seven years good harvest followed by seven years bad harvest.

Joseph advised Pharaoh to begin storing grain and crops so that the people of Egypt would not starve. Pharaoh realised that God had shown Joseph what to do. So Pharaoh made Joseph Governor over all Egypt.

When the seven years of plenty in the land of Egypt came to an end the seven years of famine began. The famine spread all over the region and people began to starve. Joseph opened the store houses and all the people in the region came to buy grain.

When Joseph’s father Jacob heard that there was corn for sale in Egypt he sent his sons to buy grain for the family. But he did not send Benjamin because he was afraid that something would happen to him.

Joseph’s brothers arrived in Egypt to buy corn. They did not recognise Joseph and they bowed down to him. Joseph recognised his brothers and decided to test them. He accused them of being spies and had them put in prison. After three days he released them but he kept Simeon as a hostage to make sure that they would returned.

He instructed the brothers to go back to Canaan and to return with their youngest brother. Then Joseph told his servants to fill his brother’s sacks with grain and to put the money they had paid for the grain back into the sacks. The brothers returned home sadly, knowing that next time they must return with their brother Benjamin.

Next week we are going to conclude the story of Joseph. We are going to hear how Joseph’s brothers managed to persuade their father to allow their brother to return to Egypt with them.

We have lived through over 100 days of lockdown, but we must not lose hope. God is protecting us in these troubled times of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Revd Peta May

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