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Easter Sunday

This Sunday is Easter Sunday a day we gather together to celebrate that God raised Jesus from the dead. The Bible tells us that it was early morning, on the first day of the week. A day full of hope and possibilities.  The tomb that Jesus had been buried in belonged to Joseph of Arimathea… Continue reading Easter Sunday

Lent · Sunday School


John 2: 13 - l6 Every year, Jewish people from far and near went to the temple in Jerusalem to celebrate a special feast. Long ago they had been slaves in Egypt and God saved them. The feast they went to celebrate was called the feast of the Passover' Jesus had been visiting Capernaum with… Continue reading JESUS IN THE TEMPLE

Sunday School


Mark 8: 31 - 38 Jesus called the disciples to follow him. They left their homes and their work and went around the country with Jesus. It was a wonderful time of miracles and crowds following him. Life was a great adventure. When they were sitting around a campfire one evening Jesus asked them if… Continue reading THE WAY OF THE CROSS

Sunday School


Mark 1: 9-15 Some distance from the towns where Jesus walked there was a river called the Jordan Jesus' cousin John lived there. John gathered people around him so that he could teach them about being sorry for the bad things they had done and the sins they had committed. When they remembered what they… Continue reading JESUS’ BAPTISM AND TEMPTATION