Sunday School

St Francis of Assisi

Original Homily Rich in Love: St. Francis, a Godly Play-Inspired Story source link below. Francis was born in the town of Assisi, in Italy. His father was a wealthy merchant, who named his son Francis—which means “Frenchman”—because he loved the fine wares and delicious food of France. Francis grew up loving fine food and wine and… Continue reading St Francis of Assisi

Sunday School

Today’s Sunday School story is about Jonah and the Big Fish

Today’s story is about Jonah and the Big Fish and can be found in the Old Testament in the book of Jonah chapters 1-4. (Thank you Claire Hannington for this week's Sunday School story) There was a prophet called Jonah. One day, God said to him: ‘Warn the people of the great city of Ninevah… Continue reading Today’s Sunday School story is about Jonah and the Big Fish

Sunday School

Conclusion of the story of Moses

Numbers 13 - 14, 17 & 21 This week we conclude the story of Moses From Mount Sinai the Israelites moved towards Canaan. When they reached the boarder they chose twelve men to go into Canaan and find out what the land was like. After forty days the men returned with all kinds of fruit.… Continue reading Conclusion of the story of Moses


Water is Life

The story of the people of Israel traveling through the desert of Sin reminds us of the absolute dependency of human beings on water. Many of the current conflict zones have as one of their roots the lack of water. For instance, the war in Syria was preceded by 7 years of drought which pushed… Continue reading Water is Life

Sunday School

God forgave the Israelites

Exodus 25 - 30 God forgave the Israelites for building the golden calf, and He gave them a second chance. God wrote the Ten Commandments on stone tablets and gave them to Moses. This time the people listened to Moses as he explained the laws to them. God also explained to Moses how He wanted the… Continue reading God forgave the Israelites