Sunday School

The Burning Bush

Exodus 2 – 4

Moses grew up as a privileged member of the Egyptian Court, however, as he grew older he became curious about the Israelites living in Egypt. Moses never forgot that he was an Israelite.

One day Moses went to the village where his people lived and was very sad to see how badly they were treated. While he was there he saw an Egyptian overseer kill one of the Israelite workers. He was so angry that he leapt at the Egyptian and killed him.

 Moses knew that the Pharaoh would soon find out what he had done so he fled to the safety of the desert. He went to live in the region called Midian. While he was in Midian he met a man named Jethro who had seven daughters. Jethro invited Moses to marry his eldest daughter called Zipporah. Moses became a shepherd and cared for Jethro’s flock.

One day Moses took the flock of sheep to graze on a mountain called Horeb. On his way there he saw a bush that was on fire. Moses was really puzzled because while the bush was burning it was not being destroyed by the fire. So Moses went to have a closer look and as he neared the bush a voice called out to him. It said “Moses take off your sandals you are walking on holy ground”.

God spoke to Moses from the bush, God said “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I have seen the suffering of my people. I will rescue them out of Egypt and bring them to a land of plenty. God told Moses that he was to go to the Pharaoh and tell him to set my people free.”

Moses was reluctant to go to Pharaoh and pleaded with God to send someone else. God said, “You have been chosen. Take your brother Aaron with you he will do the speaking, and I will give you the words that have power to work wonders. I am the living God”

You can find the full story of Moses in your Bible in the Book of Exodus chapters 2-4. Please read the story yourself or ask a member of your family to read it to you.

Next week we are going to find out what happens to the Egyptians when Moses goes to ask Pharaoh to let God’s people free.

Thank you to Revd Peta May for the Sunday School lesson.

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